Ohio-Qualified Broker and Manager Information

Senate Bill 133, effective September 15, 2004, makes several changes to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) relative to the operation of the Ohio public pension funds, including the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund. Specific changes can be found in Chapters 102, 145, 742, 3307, 3309 and 5505 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The links below outline some of these changes as they relate to persons/entities doing business, or seeking to do business with the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund and becoming certified as an "Ohio-qualified agent or investment manager."

Ohio Qualified Agent Certification
Ohio Qualified Manager Certification
Reporting and Registration Requirements under Ohio Law

Ohio Qualified Broker and Investment Manager policies as approved by the OP&F Board

OP&F Ohio Qualified Broker Policy
OP&F Ohio Qualified Investment Manager Policy

Current Lists of Ohio-Qualified Brokers and Managers

Link to OPERS posting of Ohio-Qualified Agents (Brokers)
Link to SERS posting of Ohio-Qualified Managers

Ohio Police and Fire's Latest Senate Bill 133 Report

2013 ORSC SB 133 Report