About the Park

Ohio Police & Fire Memorial Park

This OP&F Memorial Park, adjacent to OP&F headquarters, serves as a permanent tribute to the heroic contributions that Ohio’s police officers and firefighters make to our society and to honor the memory of those who have fallen in the line of duty. The park, which is the first statewide memorial to Ohio’s police officers and firefighters, features a life size sculpture by Ohio artist Ronald Dewey, engraved bricks, pavers and park benches in honor of Ohio’s public safety officers.

About commissioned artist Ron Dewey, Light Sculpture Works

Ron Dewey is an artist, sculptor and owner of Light Sculpture Works, a foundry in Cleveland. Prior to 1989, he was owner and manager of the Studio Foundry, an art casting facility in Cleveland. As a foundry owner, Dewey is well versed in all aspects of bronze casting, including mold making, fabrication and welding, and the lost wax art casting process. He also does stainless steel processing.

Dewey's commissioned sculpture works includes The Guardian, a life size bronze firefighter carrying a small child for the Euclid Fire Department. In addition to his bronze figure commissions and his foundry work, he creates abstract sculptures from a variety of media focusing on color, form, light and sound to form the work.

Dewey began his career as a product designer and holds four patents on electro-mechanical products used in hospital rooms. He received a BFA in sculpture from the University of Washington in 1972.