Disability Fraud Hotline

844-FRAUD HL (844-372-8345)

OP&F is authorized by Ohio law to award disability benefits to police and fire members who become ill or are injured. Taking care of those who take care of Ohio’s citizens is a fundamental priority of OP&F and the disability benefit program is a model for public safety programs. The Disability Evaluation Panel, the Board of Trustees’ Medical Advisor and vocational experts all ensure that only public safety officers who have a qualifying disabling condition receive this benefit.

OP&F has great confidence in the disability benefit program, but recognize that a small number of dishonest individuals are willing to exaggerate, misrepresent or even present a false condition in order to potentially receive benefits. The Board of Trustees is committed to deterring such fraud and abuse and will not hesitate to use its authority to terminate benefits.

When making an allegation of fraud, please remember OP&F members with certain cardiac or pulmonary conditions who can no longer qualify as police officers or firefighters are still able to work in other occupational fields or engage in regular daily activities while receiving disability benefits. Running, exercising, performing household chores and other similar activities are not necessarily evidence of disability fraud. Many disabling conditions may not have any outward physical characteristics.

If you have specific information regarding a member who you believe is not entitled to the benefits they currently receive, or know of an applicant who has filed a false application, please call 844-FRAUD HL (844-372-8345).

When calling this number you will be connected to a voice mail system which will record your message about suspected disability benefit fraud by a member of OP&F. Please be prepared to identify the person you suspect along with all details of suspected disability benefit fraud. If you have materials you would like to supply to OP&F to support your suspicions, send them to:

Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund
Office of the General Counsel
140 E. Town Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Or email to: FRAUDHL@op-f.org