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Phone: 1-888-864-8363
Fax: (614) 628-1777
TTY: (614) 221-3846

Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund

140 East Town Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. E.S.T

OP&F is located at 140 East Town Street in downtown Columbus. Due to the occupancy rate in our building, parking in the OP&F garage is very limited. However, several parking options are available either adjacent or within close proximity of OP&F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact OP&F, please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) feature for the answer to your question. The OP&F FAQ is updated often with information designed to answer the questions OP&F members ask most, including questions about DROP, disability, public re-employment, and retirement. Frequently asked questions for Alight can be found on this page.

Health Care Inquiries

For questions concerning enrollment or reimbursements of your health care expenses please call Alight at 1-844-290-3674 or visit their website here. For questions about eligibility for the OP&F health care stipend, contact OP&F Customer Service at 1-888-864-8363.

Member Self-Serve Web

If you are having trouble signing on or accessing the Member Self-Serve Web, please contact OP&F Customer Service and they will assist you.

Questions unable to be answered via e-mail

Due to the non-secure nature of Internet e-mail communications, OP&F takes great precaution in transmitting e-mail that includes any specific details regarding a member's pension benefits or personal data, specifically Social Security numbers.

If any of these items are necessary to satisfy your inquiry, please contact OP&F Customer Service using the toll-free numbers below. Examples of topics that may require your personal information to be verified and is not permitted to be transmitted through e-mail includes:

  • Change of address
  • Purchasing or transferring OP&F service credit
  • Purchasing or transferring service credit to OP&F
  • Requesting an estimate of OP&F service credit
  • Requesting an estimate for purchasing military service credit
  • Repaying withdrawn OP&F contributions
  • Rolling over OP&F contributions to another retirement system/account

Please remember to call OP&F Customer Service regarding the above topics to get a timely and secure response.

E-mailing Your Questions

Your question or concern is very important to OP&F and we pride ourselves on a timely response. General questions oftentimes are answered immediately, however, while those that require additional research may take longer to prepare a response. If your issue is urgent, please contact OP&F by telephone for an immediate response using the toll-free numbers provided below.

Send all questions or concerns to To ensure you receive a response from us, please add to your list of approved senders.