ACH Information

OP&F requires all employers to remit electronic payments. OP&F’s preferred payment method is ACH debit. To enroll for ACH debit payments, employers must submit a signed Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits. The setup process is completed within five business days. Employers can setup multiple bank accounts by submitting separate authorization agreements for each account they wish to set up. To add or change bank accounts, employers will need to submit an updated Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits

All ACH debit payments are submitted through Employer Self Serve Web. In addition, an Employer Payment Remittance form is required to be submitted through Employer Self Serve Web for all employer payments. Employers who would like to setup ACH credit or wire transfer payments, please contact OP&F at 1-888-864-8363.

Frequently Asked Questions for ACH/Electronic Payments

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