ACH Information

Employers can send contribution payments via OP&F's online payment system for a fast and convenient delivery.

Using the online payment system eliminates the worries that mailing a check can cause, such as the possibility of losing the payment in the mail or not allowing enough time for arrival. It also adds the convenience of completing the payment through the easy use of the internet.

How to apply for OP&F's Online Payment System

Applying for the online payment system and sending contribution payments through electronic transfer is simple and can be completed by following these steps:

1. Contact OP&F at 888-864-8363 to request enrollment information and an Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits.

2. Complete and file the Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits with OP&F.

3. OP&F will set up your banking information which will allow you to make payments online.

Sign up for ACH by calling 888-864-8363 and access the convenient and quick way of paying contributions via OP&F's online payment system.