Employer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Payments

1. How do I make an online payment to OP&F?

Through OP&F's online payment system program, once Employers login with a secure user name and password.
Employers must submit a signed authorization agreement for online payment to OP&F; an email notice will be sent by OP&F when setup is complete.

2. What types of payments can be made online?

Employers can make payments via ACH Debit for any transactions that incur with OP&F.
Payments must be received into OP&F's bank account by the due dates established under the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

The Employer Payment Remittance form as well as any other documentation required under the ORC must be received by OP&F within the established dates.

3. How long does it take to get set-up for online payments to OP&F?

After the signed agreement form is received by OP&F, the final set-up is completed within five business days; confirmation will be sent via email.

4. Can an Employer make payments from multiple bank accounts?

Yes. Please submit a separate signed agreement form for each account.

5. How far in advance can an employer initiate a payment?

An Employer can assign an effective date for the payment up to 60 days into the future.

6. Does OP&F run a "Test" transaction?

No. OP&F does not run a pre-note, test transaction.

Employers can initiate a pre-note transaction for one cent to verify the bank account and routing number information are accurate. However, in order to insure the processing of initial payment transaction is completed timely and accurately, it is advisable to submit payment well in advance of any due dates. This will insure compliance with the Ohio Revised Code if any problems or errors occur during the processing of payments.

7. We have Debit-Blocker with our bank. Should we notify them with any information?

Yes. If a Debit-Blocker is in place on your account with the banking institution, it may be necessary to provide the following data to the bank: 1-31-0718368

8. Is there a cut off time for requesting a payment be drawn from my account tomorrow?

Online payments cannot post the same business day nor on holidays or weekends. OP&F will provide a list of federal banking holidays on our website.

If the online payment request is completed before 4:30 pm, you have the ability to choose the next business day as your payment posting date.

If the payment request is completed after 4:30 pm, it will not be posted until the 2nd business date following the request.

9. Can I make any changes to a payment after I've requested it?

Yes. If the payment has not yet been posted, it can be cancelled and a new payment can be set up. For more information, please see the Employer Self-Service User Guide.

10. Must I submit my work history report (contributions report) using the web in order to request an online payment?

No. You may access and use the payment-only features on the online payment system by clicking on the appropriate links (See User Guide).

11. I have both a police and fire report. Can I request an online payment for each report?

Yes. Multiple payments can be made from the same and/or from different back accounts.

12. How will I know that the payment has been processed?

You can review your bank account statement to confirm the payment has been sent. If you can access your bank accounts online, this would be the easiest way to confirm payment.

13. Do I have to make my online payment at the same time I submit my work history report (Report of Retirement Deductions)?

No. These two processes can be done separately if you choose.

14. I have been submitting my payroll file electronically through the payroll file upload process, rather than through the web/self-service option. Can I use the online payment option?

You certainly can. However, you will need to follow a different navigational path through the OP&F website (www.op-f.org). On the main page, left-click on the top of the employer box on the link, "EMPLOYER Self-Serve Web". Then follow the on-screen instructions to proceed to the log-in area.

Note: You may keep your current password, but we will ask you to use the username that matches your four-digit code. For more information on how this process will work, please contact Employer Education at 614-628-8311.

15. Will I use the same password to make an online payment as I currently use to submit a work history report via the Web?

If you have been using the web self-service application, you can use the same password you have used in the past. However, if you have been submitting your payroll via the file transfer protocol (FTP) upload method that was in place before the implementation of the web program, you will need to contact Customer Service at (888) 864-8363 to be assigned a new password. The user name will be your four-digit code. You will be assigned a temporary password in order to log in the first time. Once logged in, you can reset your password.

16. Is it mandatory that payments be made through OP&F's online payment system?

No. However, we believe this is the most efficient and easy way to make your payments to OP&F. No need to worry about postage or mail delays that could result in late payments.

17. Will you keep a history of my payments?

Yes. When you log on, you will be able to access a tab called "Payment History." It will allow you to view a detailed description of all online payments made. The Payment History Tab will capture the date you requested the payment and the payment amount.

18. I am ready to sign-up. How do I start?

Please contact L.J. Adkins (ladkins@op-f.org) at 1-888-864-8363. OP&F will send you the sign-up information and more details.

Or, you may go to our website under the “Employer” link and download the Authorization Agreement for Online Payment. Completed forms can be emailed, or faxed to (614) 228-3767, attn: L.J. Adkins, or mailed to OP&F at 140 East Town Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43215.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employer Self Service

1. What is the Employer Self-Service (ESS) Web Program?

The ESS web program is a convenient way to report member pension data, complete and submit the Employer Payment Remittance Form, and make online payments, all within one application.

2. How do I sign up for online payroll reporting with OP&F?

Please contact Employer Education at 1-888-864-8363 and we can provide log on information to get you started.

3. Can I upload my payroll files through this program, or do I enter the data manually?

If you have a payroll software program, you should be able to upload your payroll files through our program. Otherwise, you have the option to enter your data manually.

4. What are the advantages of reporting retirement contributions online?

There are several – By filing (and paying) online you can avoid postal delays that could result in statutory penalties. You can also avoid the costs associated with mailing reports and checks.

5. How will I know I have submitted my reports successfully?

You will receive an on-screen prompt confirming that you have successfully submitted your report.

6. Can I submit both my payroll report and online payment through this program?

Yes. The Employer Self-Service program allows you to submit your payroll report, the Employer Payment Remittance Form, and your ACH debit payment all within this program. Please see also “Frequently Asked Questions for Online Payments” on this site under Employers/ACH Information.

7. What if I need to submit a corrected pension report but have already submitted the incorrect report?

While the need to send corrected reports to OP&F is rare, if this is necessary, please contact your Employer Services Group (ESG) representative for instructions before trying to resubmit the report(s).

8. When reviewing my report detail, what if I encounter exception messages?

Exception messages can provide you with valuable information that will allow you to correct your report before submitting it. However, exceptions don’t always indicate errors. For example, sometimes fire reports have hours bases/hours paid that are uncommon when compared to other fire departments. You may get an exception message on these, but if the hours are accurate, you can ignore the exception messages and proceed with submitting your report.

9. Can I submit one report that includes both the police and fire payroll reports?

No. You must send police and fire files separately.

10. What if I forget my password or get locked out of the ESS program?

If you are locked out of the program or receive a message that your account has been suspended, please contact OP&F Customer Service at 1-888-864-8363, and we will be able to unlock your account and/or provide you with a temporary password that will allow you to log back in and create your own password.

11. What if I wish to set up a second User in case I am out of the office or on vacation?

This can be done. If you wish to set up one or more additional Users, please contact Employer Education at 614-628-8311.

12. What if I need training in using the ESS program?

Training is available, either telephonically or onsite at the employer’s office. Please contact Employer Education at 614-628-8311.