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Summer 2021


On June 29, a granddaughter of a firefighter who was among the first to receive a pension from the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund was named Executive Director of the pension system.

Mary Beth Foley, of Columbus, has been serving as acting Executive Director since April. Foley has been the system’s General Counsel since 2008. As General Counsel, she worked at the highest levels of the system and provided policy, legal, and legislative guidance to board members and staff.

The Board of Trustees conducted a national search before appointing Foley. “Mary Beth Foley has dedicated most of her career to supporting public safety and first responders and she knows this pension system better than anyone,” Board Chair Stephen Corvi said.

Corvi pointed to Foley’s national leadership in the field as current president of the National Association of Public Pension Attorneys. “Public pension experts across the country look to Mary Beth on pension issues. We’ve got one of the best,” Corvi concluded.

Prior to joining the system in 2008, Foley served as the Deputy Chief Legal Counsel for the Ohio Auditor of State’s office, where she was the Auditor of State’s fiduciary counsel and designee to Ohio’s pension systems, developing an expertise in the complex policy and legal issues facing public pensions.

Foley was also an Assistant Ohio Attorney General and Chief Labor Counsel, serving two state Attorneys General. She built significant expertise and a statewide reputation in labor law, collective bargaining, and employment law issues. An Ohio native, she was an Honors graduate of the University of Cincinnati and earned her Juris Doctor from Capital University School of Law.

“I’m honored and humbled to be selected to lead this important organization,” Foley said. “I am so proud of this Board, our members and the staff who work every day to improve the lives and secure the pensions of Ohio’s brave police and firefighters. I’ll give my all to see that crucial mission advanced effectively, ethically, and with urgency.”

Mary Beth Foley, OP&F Executive Director


OP&F is in the process of replacing the current pension administration system with updates and enhancements for both members and employers. It is expected that the new pension administration system will go live sometime in 2024.

Once the new system is implemented, OP&F employers will continue to report member pension data online, but with a more intuitive and accessible interface than the current version. OP&F will ask employers for feedback and they will be updated on the process as the new system design progresses toward completion.

OP&F is working with LifeWorks on the new system, a recognized leader in designing and implementing employee benefit programs, including pension administration. LifeWorks serves over 24,000 organizations nationally and internationally.


Employer Services Specialists to best serve the needs of employers. Below is a list of who an employer should contact with questions regarding payroll reporting. Please feel free to contact the employer’s designated payroll representative for any questions or assistance in completing and submitting a payroll report. The Employer Services Group chart can also be found on the OP&F website by clicking here and is updated whenever there is a change.


Each month, OP&F receives more than 900 reports of retirement deductions from employers. These reports contain vital information related to member wages, pension deductions, and hours scheduled and worked. Once these reports are processed, each member’s ledger is updated and service credit is applied. When a member files for retirement or disability, OP&F already has this information on record, so that benefits can be calculated quickly and efficiently.

OP&F encourages employers to report member payroll data electronically, either through the employer self-serve import method or the employer self-serve manual entry method. By using one of our electronic reporting methods, payroll data can be processed more rapidly, because the need to key in information manually by OP&F staff is eliminated. Online reporting eliminates the possibility of a report being delayed or lost in the mail, which could result in statutory penalties.

If an employer is interested in switching from paper to electronic payroll reporting or would simply like to see how it works, please contact Employer Education at 1-614-628-8311.


Member and employer contributions are due to OP&F monthly. These payments must be posted online or received at OP&F’s bank lockbox by the due dates established under the Ohio Revised Code.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that payroll reports and accompanying payments are submitted to OP&F on or before the statutory due dates. Compliance with the statute means that employers must meet the following responsibilities:

• Ensure that the Summary of Payment Remittance Information Form (recap) accompanies the payment;

• Ensure that contributions on the Summary of Payment Remittance Information Form match both the payment amount and the report of retirement contributions total;

• Be aware that the both the Report of Retirement Deductions and contribution payment must be received by OP&F on or before the due date to avoid a penalty.

These contributions, along with the Report of Retirement Deductions (payroll report) are due on or before the last business day of the month following the month the wages are earned by the member. For example, if the member’s earning period ends on Aug. 27, the payroll report and related contributions are due on or before the last day in September. Employers must submit police members and fire members on two separate Report of Retirement Deduction forms or electronic files. The members on the report must be listed in alphabetical order

Each employer has been assigned a unique employer code, which specifically identifies the employer and determines if the members are police officers or firefighters. The employer code number must be displayed on all correspondence and reports sent to OP&F. OP&F uses the date received to determine on-time submissions. OP&F does not use or reference postal meters or postmarks as the date of receipt.


Important dates and deadlines are also posted on OP&F’s website under the Employers menu in the Calendar of Billing Deadlines and Events section.


31 Payroll deductions, member and employer contributions and payroll reports for July 2021


30 Payroll deductions, member and employer contributions and payroll reports for August 2021


31 Payroll deductions, member and employer contributions and payroll reports for September 2021

OP&F provides the Employer Digest as a general reference material in order to assist employers in properly reporting required contributions to OP&F, as well as submitting the required forms and materials that are necessary to provide benefits for our members. As a general reference material, the Employer Digest may not sufficiently represent all of the details applicable to the subjects discussed. Nothing contained in this newsletter is meant to interpret, extend or change, in any way, OP&F’s governing statutes, administrative rules or policies. If you have any questions or need information on any subjects referenced in the Employer Digest, please contact OP&F.

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Posted 8/6/2021